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EMRIK started out as a singer and bandleader of the powerhouse Swedish funk-hip-hop band Stonefunkers. They released five albums, including the hit singles M-Rock theory, Can u follow, Funkadeena. The band toured around Europe for more than ten years and made a great impact on the Swedish funk and dance scene. Starting 2003, Emrik made 4 albums in Swedish, the most successful being Lögnhalsen (2006).


In 2010 Emrik got back to his Funk roots. He first released the album Airborne influenced by his skateboarding past. He has since released three albums filled with funk, soul and hip hop: Phunk observatory, The Cosmic phunk saga continues, and 2022 the masterpiece Celebration. 2022 also saw the release of a live album called Stompin’ at Fasching, and the Christmas album Merry Funk Christmas. EMRIK also work together with remixer Opolopo, who has turned the funk songs into dancefloor favorites all around the world.

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