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Stonefunkers, the swedish heavyweights of pure and outstanding funk started out their soulful mission in the mid-eighties.
The band was started by brothers Emrik and Torsten Larsson.
They both spent a year in the USA studying american culture and also picking up on the Soul and funk scene.
Emrik went to highschool in Rochester,Ny and soon found out that a lot of the hot bands usually stopped to play in Rochester. During his year he got to see artists ranging from George Clinton with Parliament, D-train, Tyrone Brunson, Slave and Steve Arrington and also witnessed his first hip hop performance by Double Trouble (known through the hip hop movie Wild Style ).
Torsten went to Minneapolis and soon got into the rockscene but couldn t get away from the powerful funkmovement led by Prince,the Time,André Cymone and others.

Back in Sweden they both felt the urge to start a funkband. Torsten had previously played the bass in various punk/rock n roll bands, and Emrik had done some singing in different choirs and also had a leading part in a musical, but funk was a whole new ballgame.
They recruited their old Skateboard-pal Christian on drums, a neighbour on bass, Emrik s friend David on moog and prophet synthezisers and Torsten switched to Guitar.
Torsten came up with the name during a skatesession, and bam! the Stonefunkers were born.
The early Stonefunk sound was guitardriven rockfunk influenced by Hendrix, Rose Royce and Sly Stone.
In 1987 they were considered as one of Göteborgs most energetic and exciting livebands and they recorded their first single Turn it up ,released may 1988 on small indie label Radium.
The single received much critical acclaim and really started the swedish dance explosion.
The second single In control filled all the swedish dancefloors and Stonefunkers went on their first national tour.
In the fall of 1989 they started to work on their first fulllength album, Hard as kryptonite , with producer Christian Falcon Falk (Later known for his work with Neneh Cherry,Blacknuss allstars and Robyn).
The album featured Rapper/toaster Papa dee and the hip hop influences were more imminent than on the two previous singles.
Stonefunkers were also inspired by the go-go sound of Washington d. c.(groups like Trouble Funk and E. U.) and recruited longtime friend and percussionplayer Jean-Louis Huhta.
At this time around 89 and the beginning of 1990 the Stonefunksound started to form..
Go-go beats, drums and percussion formed the backbone.
David s moog drove the music forward with thick and heavy basslines, and Torsten s chopping guitar along with vocalchants perfected the picture.
The Stonefunkers toured around Sweden and also made occasional trips to Denmark and Norway.
Stonefunkers lineup 1989:
vocals-Emrik M-rock Larsson,
guitar- Torsten topsteen Larsson,
Moog,prophet David Davono Selvert,
Drums Christian cheeze Ekerfors,
Percussion Jean-Louis Huhta,
Rap,vocals Daniel Papa dee Wahlgren
and bass-guitar Magnus Conan Corneliusson.

In 1990 the group switched labels to Warner who decided to remix Hard as kryptonite for an international release.
Papa dee also left the band and embarked on a solo-career.
The band decided to recruit rapper Cane with whom they recorded a brand new single,entitled Can u follow .
The song became a huge dancefloor hit and the video was shown on MTV on a regular basis.
The album Harder than Kryptonite was released all around Europe in 1991, and Stonefunkers also embarked on their first european tour visiting the nordic countries and Germany.

In 1992 they started to work on their next album with producer Henryk Lipp.
The band also added a new rapper, the multitalented ADL,brother of percussionist Jean-Louis.
The album ”No problem ’94 (nonbelievers stand back!)” was a huge hit in the spring of ’93 and spawned two big hitsingles, ”M-rock theory” and ”Funkadeena”.
The Stonefunksound was now more complex and showed off the different bandmembers skill of songwriting.
Guitarplayer and joint leader of the group, Torsten”Topsteen” Larsson had also become a successful producer and would the following years work with such acts as Roxette and The Soundtrack of our lives.
The recordingstint with Warner came to an end in 1994 and Stonefunkers were signed to Stockholm records subsidiary Breakin’ Bread.
They recorded the next album in Haarlem,Holland and also toured the benelux countries extensively.

The effort made in Holland came out in the form of ”Material”, yet another groundbreaking album from the swedish funkateers.
Drawn upon a heavy P-funk influence the album is blood sweat and tears dragged through a concrete environment.
The album contained the singles ”Wreck the show” and ”Individuality” but never made an impact in Sweden.
The response to the album was greater abroad and Stonefunkers embarked on yet another tour that took them to Austria,Switzerland and other countries.
In 1996 ADL left the band to work on his soloproject ”Absent Minded” and the band decided to continue without a rapper and instead put more focus on the vocal talents of leadsinger Emrik”M-rock” Larsson.
The songwriting had become the number one priority for the band and they worked hard to perfect and hone their skills.

In 1998 Stonefunkers signed a deal with Swedish label Independent records and immediately began putting down tracks for the new album.
Bandmember Torsten served as the projects producer and the album was finished august 1998.
The album ”Outstanding”,released in october’98, contains some of Stonefunkers finest recorded moments.
The sound is crisp and up to date. The melodies warm and rich.
And the drums just keep comin’ at ya!
The first single ”Living it up (go crazy)” is a groove-affair of big proportions.
The bass and piano mixed together with M-rock’s rich and husky voice makes this song an instant favorite.
The second single ”Depend on me” is an uptempo, bassdriven partystomper with millenium-lyrics and jungledrums.

Original art work for "Depend on me" single, never used.
Graffiti-wall of "M-rock theory" made by Gorm Boberg and Joel Alter för M-rock's 35th birthday. The original graf' is long gone but the picture is still here!

M-rock rocking the crowd at Festival in haarlem holland, mid 90's.

Stonefunkers on tour in Holland,1995?

Pictures taken from the video shoot of "Depend on me" 1999. M- rock as a tacky superhero.

Fly, M-rock , fly, up up to the sky!

”Turn it up” – 12”single (Radium records,1988)
”In control” - 12” single(Radium records,1989)
”Hard as kryptonite” – LP,CD (Radium records,1989)
”Talk”-12” single (Radium records, 1989)

”Harder than kryptonite” – LP,CD (Metronome,WEA,1991)
”Can u follow” – 12” single,single,cd( Metronome,WEA.1991)
”Bass Race” – 12” single,single cd (Metronome,WEA,1991)

"LPC" (Lucky people center) - 12" single, Cd single (metronome, WEA, 1992)

”No problem 94’ (nonbelievers stand back!)” - LP,CD (Metronome,WEA,1993)
”M-rock theory” – 12” single,single,cd (Wea-Metronome, 1993)
”Funkadeena” – 12” single,single,cd (WEA-Metronome,1993)
”Busy” – (limited edition) 12” single

”Material” – CD (Breakin’ Bread/Sonet,1995)
”Wreck the show” – 12” single,cd (Breakin’bread/Sonet,1995)
”Individuality” – 12”single,cd (breakin’ bread/Sonet,1996)

”Outstanding” – CD (Lemon/Independent records,1998)
”Living it up(go crazy)” – 12” single,cd (Lemon/Independent records,1998)
”Depend on me” – Cd single,maxi (Lemon/Independent records,1998)
“this kind of funk” – cd single (lemon/independent records, 1999)

Superglide/hey how you doin’ – promo 12”-whitelabel
“Ovan där” – spår från Frälsisplattan “en salig samling”